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P96020 Chromatint® Green 3912 Liquid

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P96020 Chromatint® Green 3912 Liquid

P96020 Chromatint® Green 3912 Liquid is a resinated, water-based, pigment dispersion blend is a turf paint concentrate. It is approximately six times stronger than our P96009 Chromatint® Green 3485 Liquid. One US gallon covers 30,000 – 100,000 sq. ft. depending on type of spray equipment, condition, and species of grass, mowing height, and desired color. Shorter mowing height and finer spray droplets will require the least volume of spray necessary for complete coverage.


• To paint dormant turf in the fall and winter, dilute 1 gallon P96020 with 60-20 gallons of water.

• To paint discolored turf in the spring or summer, dilute 1 gallon P96020 with 90-150 gallons of water.


• Physical Appearance: Dark green liquid


• 450 lb. drums, and 2,400 lb. totes.

More Info:

• Testing in your particular formulation is recommended.


Not available in Europe.

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