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Non-Staining Colorants

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Non-staining colorants, which function like dyes, have been an important part of Chromatech’s product line for over twenty years. Patented, with proprietary technology, these polymeric colorants are non-staining to skin, most fabrics, and non-porous surfaces. These non-staining colorants are often used in products in which staining is of high concern such as:

  • Portable toilet chemicals
  • Children’s art materials
  • Laundry detergent and laundry fabric softener

Nonstaining Colorant Features and Benefits

Water Solubility

Our non staining colorants replace dye powders as they are easy to use and dispense, without the potentially hazardous dust.


Easily blended to achieve the final shade you desire in both your liquid and solid products. These non staining colorants do not interfere with fragrances or preservatives.


Suited to a wide pH range and can be used at high color concentrations without precipitation.


Minimal staining of hands, hard surfaces, equipment, and most fabrics-even at a high color loading.

Bright, Transparent Colors

These non staining polymeric colorants are completely liquid, which allows for 100% solubility and the brightest colors possible.

Color Consistency

We believe color should come out right the first time, and every time, which is why we test consistency with delta E cmc color measurement.

Heavy Metal Free

Our non staining colorants are water-soluble and contain no heavy metals. They are being used in a variety of certified “green” cleaning formulations currently on the market today.

Most polymeric, non-staining colorants low in metals.  They are non-ionic and are versatile in product formulations.

Need Technical Support?

Working on a new project? Having problems with your current colorant? We are here to help! Reach out for liquid dyes, pigment dispersions, and non-staining colorants.