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Dyes by Chromatech Incorporated

Chromatech is a US and EU manufacturer and supplier of dyes in standard and custom formulations for many specialty industries. Dyes are organic compounds which ionically bond to a substrate. Unlike pigments, dyes are transparent. Because of their transparency, dyes have an additive effect on color, taking in account the substrate color. Dyes are applied to many substrates including textiles, plastic, leather, paper, and food.

Chromatech specializes in industrial dyes for adhesives, fertilizers, soap and detergents, car wash soaps and waxes, leak detection, portable toilet chemicals, hydro-mulch, divot sand, food, drug and cosmetic, ponds, and turf.

Our specialized dyes are designed to help you manufacture your product by providing the following performance advantages:

  • Perfect color selection providing the right color for your products.
  • Long-term color stability that resists fading or changing over time.
  • Ease of Manufacturing: Our high quality liquid and powder colorants are always consistent.

Chromatech specializes in liquid dyes and polymeric colorants. The properties and advantages of using liquid dyes are numerous and include:

  • Our liquid dyes are homogenous and can be used with a liquid injector for easy manufacturing.
  • Our liquid dyes are clean and dustless.
  • Our liquid dyes dissolve quickly and easily.
  • Many of our liquid dyes are non-toxic per OSHA and EPA criteria.

Dye Types and Colorants Available

Need Technical Support?

Working on a new project? Having problems with your current colorant? We are here to help! Reach out for liquid dyes, pigment dispersions, and non-staining colorants.